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Quaver v0.14.1 - Editor Improvements, Modifier Leaderboards, Quality of Life, & Bug Fixes

After every large update for Quaver, we love to spend time getting feedback from our testers and dedicating the next update to quality of life, bug fixes, and general improvements to the game. This time around, we’ve released version 0.14.1 of Quaver which has just that. Be sure to check out all the updates listed below as well as continue to report bugs and give feedback on things you’d like to see in the game.

Game Client Updates

Alpha Testers

Restart your Steam client, and the game will automatically update for you.

Non-Alpha Testers

You can grab the latest version of the game on GitHub, but you will not be able to access any online features.

Editor - Viewing & Skinning Layers

Based on your feedback, it’s no doubt that using the layering feature in the editor was fairly difficult to see if you didn’t have a skin with white colored notes enabled. We’ve made it so that viewing layers are completely optional as well as made it so you’re able to skin the layered objects. You can check out the wiki to get more information on how to customize them.

Developed By Swan

Offset Calibrator

One of the main things that was missing in Quaver was the ability to change your global offset in-game. We’ve now added two ways to change it. One is with a slider in the options menu and another with the “Offset Calibrator.” With the offset calibrator, the game will have you play a sample map and suggest a new offset for you to use. This same type of calibrator is used in games such as ITG and StepMania.

Developed By Swan

Modifier Leaderboards

Among one of the most highly requested features was the ability to filter online scores in song select by the modifiers used on them. This is now possible with the new “Mods” leaderboard section we’ve added.

Developed By Swan

More Additions

  • [Editor] - Added a keybind to go back to editing at the last play time after play testing (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Added a config option for the selected visualization graph (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Decreased the speed of rectangle selection scrolling (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Added CTRL+P keybind to pause during play testing (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Added CTRL+U keybind to upload mapset (Swan)
  • [Song Select] - Fixed and improved map searching (YaLTeR)
  • [Song Select] - Added a Long Note (LN) percentage to the map banner (YaLTeR)
  • [Song Select] - When searching by difficulty, take the activated modifiers into account (YaLTeR)
  • [Skinning] - Added CenterCursor skin.ini value (YaLTeR)
  • [Skinning] - Changed the default judgement counter image & made the font color white (Swan)
  • [Skinning] - Default DrawLongNoteEnd to True (YaLTeR)
  • [Gameplay] - Remember activated modifiers when autoplay is enabled (Swan)
  • [Gameplay & Skinning] - Gradually increase number displays & allow skinnable number sizes (Swan)
  • [Settings] - Added a global audio offset slider (YaLTeR)
  • [Other] - Added difficulty calculation for maps loaded from osu!.db (Swan)
  • [Other] - Limit FPS when the game window isn’t focused (Swan)
  • [Other] - Improved text rendering at higher resolutions (YaLTeR)
  • [Other] - Fixed Textbox CTRL handling & added CTRL+Backspace (YaLTeR)

Bug Fixes

  • [Editor] - Fixed the metronome playing before the first timing point (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Escape illegal file name characters when creating new mapsets (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Fixed memory leak when spamming the play test button (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Fixed the game crashing while test playing (Swan)
  • [Editor] - Don’t automatically play the track when using the seek bars (Swan)
  • [Skinning] - Fixed Hit Error skin.ini values not being used (Swan)
  • [Skinning] - Fixed ColumnAlignment not working (Swan)
  • [Skinning & Config] - Fixed game crash when having duplicate config keys (Sublimity)
  • [Song Select] - Fixed the game crashing when trying to load an invalid .qua (YaLTeR)
  • [Song Select] - Don’t allow map scrolling when changing volume (Swan)
  • [Gameplay] - Don’t allow 0 scroll speed (Swan)
  • [Online] - Only request user info if the chat is open & increase user status request time (Swan)
  • [Settings] - Fixed a small typo (YaLTeR)
  • [Other] - Fixed non-0-100% sliders & add left/right arrow keybinds for fine adjustments (YaLTeR)

Game Server Updates

Furthermore, we’ve also spent some time completely rewriting the game server to get it more stable and fast for multiplayer. If you were previously experiencing random disconnections, this should be gone. If you’re still experiencing issues with this, be sure to report it to us as soon as you can.