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v0.12.0 Patch Notes

The 0.12.0 version of Quaver is now live for Steam alpha users! Restart your Steam client, and the update for Quaver will automatically download. In this update, we’ve done a large amount of bug fixes and quality of life improvements according to your feedback. Check out what we’ve changed down below!

Game Client Updates

The majority of the updates this time involve the game client. As a community, you have all submitted a ton of bugs for us to fix and some quality of life improvements you want to see in the game. Here’s what we’ve done:

New Features

Option To Toggle Gameplay Background Blur

You can now toggle whether or not you want backgrounds to be blurred during gameplay by changing the Blur Background In Gameplay setting in the options menu.

Developed by Swan

Search By Ranked Status Filter

You can now search for mapsets by their ranked status by using one of the following queries:

  • status=ranked
  • status=unranked
  • status=notsubmitted

Developed by Sublimity

More Additions

  • • Changed FPS Counter location, so it doesn’t cover anything - (JaanJah)
  • • Removed “No Pause” modifier - (Sublimity)
  • • Added order mapsets by date added - (JaanJah)
  • • Added keybind to change offset ingame - (Sublimity)
  • • Added pressing right click in difficulty selector to go back to mapset selection - (Sublimity)
  • • Added ColumnAlignment skin.ini value - (Swan)
  • • Previous search terms in song select now save - (Swan)
  • • Changed BgMaskPadding skin.ini value to StageReceptorPadding - (JaanJah)
  • • Added CTRL+O input to open options menu - (Sublimity)
  • • Added HitErrorPosX, HitErrorPosY HitErrorHeight, & HitErrorChevronSize skin.ini values - (Swan)

Bug Fixes

  • • Fixed wrong country ranking value for submitted scores - (Sublimity)
  • • Fixed volume controller interfering with song selection - (Sublimity)
  • • Fixed map metadata for 1 hour+ long songs - (Sublimity)
  • • Fixed failed local scores showing the wrong grade - (Swan)
  • • Fixed judgement breakdown graph when total judgement count is 0 - (Swan)
  • • Fixed live local scoreboard being incorrect for rate mods - (Swan)
  • • Fixed ESC button resuming gameplay when chat is open - (Sublimity)
  • • Fixed arrow snap colors being incorrect - (Swan & Staravia)
  • • Fixed hit/holdlighting not being loaded in correctly - (Swan)
  • • Fixed crash when OsuDbPath is incorrect/not set - (Swan)
  • • Fixed game crash when map has no audio - (Swan)


As always, if you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading! Since Quaver’s alpha launch, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of support from the community. We hope to ride off of this positivity and continue developing Quaver into a great game. Thank you if you have submitted any bug reports or have given feedback - whether positive or negative, and let’s shoot for the stars!

Happy holidays everyone!